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We are Julie and amanda, the faces behind sister's dreaming.

we are in fact, sisters and we grew up in a small country town in new south wales.

the idea for sister's dreaming came about when amanda was trying to make her daughter a fairy garden to build and tend to over the summer holidays.  once she started delving into all the fairy goodness, she couldn't shake the feeling that many other mummas might be searching for the same thing for their little ones, 

add the gorgeous jewellery handcrafted by julie and sister's dreaming was born!

we stumbled across this quote that really sums up the purpose of sister's dreaming:

" What one loves in childhood stays in the heart    forever"

                                           - Mary Jo Putney

our goal is to inspire and spark joy in your child's playtime, their love of the outdoors or to simply make their bedroom or playroom that little extra special.

please have a look around and hopefully you will stumble across something truly magical!

                                                                                                              julie & amanda x

Please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page

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